The Universal Calibration Lattice Workshop

     “A Step towards Balance, and Peace-filled Self-empowerment”


Enjoy videos, exercises, meditations and teachings.  Learn to give and receive the Introductory Session


                 ●  Human consciousness is evolving and that evolution is reflected within our energy anatomy. 

                 ●  The Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL) is a system within the energy anatomy, radiating from the very core of our being, and it is ready to be strengthened.

                 ●  This stand-alone workshop is the prerequisite for all other EMF Balancing Technique® trainings and workshops.


MORNING: Understanding The Lattice!


Energy Circle


Begin the energetic alignment process and experience the energy that you are!                                                                                                           


Theory and Substance   


”Science, Physics and the New Energy Dynamics” 

”Your Electromagnetic Nature”; you ARE energy”

”The Calibration Process”: an overview of the EMF Balancing Technique© 

“The Lattice”: learn about the structure of this part of your energy anatomy and how it works to process emotions and manifest your reality

“Growing Through The Lattice”; how to make your lattice work for you to enhance your individual growth and speed your spiritual evolution!


The Spiral Sweep

A unique energy exercise and alignment to take home that will bring instant peace and relaxation and enhance evolutionary processes.

AFTERNOON: Everyday Applications for Balance and Growth

Alternating Sweep  

This powerful manifestation exercise can change your life as you begin to actively co-create your own reality.

 Sharing the Energy 

The Amplifying Symbol and the 1-Minute 1-Step Rush will send balancing energy across the room or around the planet!  

Introductory EMF Session     

Learn to give the Introductory Session, an abbreviated version of a full EMF Balancing Technique© session that balances the entire UCL! You will begin to hold the full charge of your being as you give and receive an empowering, loving and nurturing Introductory Session in this workshop.

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