The Cosmic Lattice 

The Cosmic Lattice is the Universal Energy Source.  It is pervasive everywhere and encompasses everything in all dimensions.  It passes through all matter and is available all the time.  It does not exist only in some far away or exotic place.  it permeates our very existence, right down to the cellular level and beyond, into our subatomic energy field.

The Cosmic Lattice holds unlimited energy, tremendous power and contains Conscious Love.

It is perhaps what you could call the Consciousness of God, and yet it is physics and energy.

The UCL creates a personal resonance with the Cosmic Lattice to fully empower your co-creative process.  The resulting vibration within the Cosmic Lattice can now respond profoundly and intimately to you.  it allows you to receive and use the energy you are learning to release from the Cosmic Lattice and from within yourself.  There are many wonderful abilities to develop as you strengthen your connection to the unlimited source of energy.  Don't limit  your relationship with the universe; make it as deep and loving as you want.  Don't stop until every cel of your being holds its full charge.

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