A fresh and exciting modality in Energy Psychology called REFLECTIONS is now available.

You will be amazed! The Reflections work is simple, easy, elegant and shockingly profound!

This is a new way to manifest your desires with ease and to work through troublesome situations in your life. 

You will understand yourself in a new way and learn to create the life you want with grace.

Reflections uses a quantum approach to consciously creating by understanding and organizing.your most precious resource, your own personal energy.


You will learn to work with and understand your personal energy so that you can:

            connect with your own inner wisdom to set clearer more focused goals or intents

            manifest your goals and intents in the energy of integrity and mastery

            use the synchronicities of the Universe to help you create more effortlessly

            strengthen your personal resolve and focus

Reflections: Channeling the energy of grace and wholeness

Reflections is a simple and powerful way to reflect the energy of wholeness, using intuitive abilities to shine the light of clarity and focus, transforming the energy of your intentions into the energy of conscious creation and commitment.


Intention and Insight

These one-hour sessions offer a unique approach to personal energy assessment combined with energy alignments to assist each person to manifest the changes and the intentions they choose as an evolutionary being. We are awakening to an ability to think and act “quantum” in the new energy. With focus and clarity you will transform the energy of your intention into the energy of conscious creation.

Designed to expand the intelligence of your heart!!


What can you expect during a Reflections session?

Focus We begin with an opening statement of intent of your choice. This sets the resonance for your session, which focuses and amplifies your ability to manifest your intent and new surprising potentials. Your energy responds to the resonance of the Reflection according to your inner wisdom.

Align The heart centered coherence we share together in this energy session generates the appropriate personal energy alignments of support as you open to knowing and being more of who you are in a profoundly balanced energy of wisdom and love.

Choose From a quantum perspective you will see clearly how you are using your energy. This viewpoint enables you to shift your energy from actions that no longer serve you into the actions you prefer to empower. Co-create with greater freedom.

Being At the end of the session you radiate energy from a place of very deep stillness from the core of your being amplifying a quantum state of grace.

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