What is the nature of the work?

Each phase is like a symphony

Each phase of the EMF Balancing Technique is like a symphony. Each phase/symphony is dedicated to the truth that every human has something unique and special to give, and each phase is completely devoted to awakening that truth inside those who choose to experience this work. And each symphony/phase is performed by a single musician/practitioner, utilizing a single instrument, the human body.



When an orchestra plays

When an orchestra plays Beethoven's Ninth symphony, each musician plays the same notes, and all of the passages and movements in the same order in which they were written. In the EMF symphonies/sessions, the sequence of the energetic patterns honors the wholeness of the human being, and speaks to the noblest aspects of what it means to be human. The greater the skill, passion and virtuosity of the practitioner, the more powerful and moving is the effect of the session. Just as the listener responds to the musical performance, the client responds to the energetic patterns of the session. Notes/movements are not changed to make the symphony/session better or to make it more powerful. Rather the skill and virtuosity of the musician/practitioner in performing the score are the factors that lead to a successful communication of the essence of the work.


Evolving Mastery


Until now, the path of the spiritual seeker has been vertical; we have reached upward to our Higher Self, the God Self. And recently, a resurgence in the indigenous teachings directs us to reconnect with the very ground beneath our feet, to honor the life-giving force of Mother Earth. These vertical energy movements were appropriate in the energy dynamics of the time. However, now is a time for us to mature into a more powerful spiritual enablement. This evolution involves a horizontal spiritual movement - honoring and recognizing the sacred nature of the here and now which exists in every direction around us - not just above us or below us! We are able to use and practice that maturity within the horizontal existence of duality. I believe the existence of duality can even be fun. As you look at the illustration of the UCL you will observe the horizontal fibers forming figure eight patterns that connect the chakras to the long informational fibers of the Universal Calibration Lattice. As you exercise and strengthen these horizontal fibers, you will increase your co-creative ability. This is our spiritual path in the new energy. Now, we come to realize that home is right where we are. We can create heaven on earth, enabled with the opportunity to build the framework with joy.

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