Marianne Esther Zinn, DD

Marianne's pursuits in transforming consciousness led her to open a private practice in wellness and  techniques for spiritual evolution, personal clarity, focus and peace.  She is a teacher, a practitioner and a spiritual leader.

Marianne is certified to teach those wanting to become a practitioner or a teacher of  EMF Balancing Technique®, Reflections and/or Usui Reiki. She is also certified by Glenda Green to teach The Christ Blessing .  Marianne holds a wealth of teaching experience gained during her career as a certified special education teacher and has experience working in the fields of Autism, Learning Disabilities, Developmental Delay, and Gifted Education.  Recently, she joined the teaching staff at the internationally certified "Institute for Energy Wellness Studies" located in Brampton, Ontario.

Marianne's private practice includes a variety of well chosen modalities for wholeness, wellness, and spiritual growth. Marianne offers Usui Reiki and The Balancing Work, including  the EMF Balancing Technique®, Reflections, Waves, iPhoenix, Yoga for the Lattice, and Lattice Tai Ji.  She was trained in the balancing work under the personal direction of Peggy Phoenix Dubro, the originator of the work, and has the honour of being named a member of the EEI Worldwide Support Team. She is a licenced practitioner of NeurOptimal®, a neurofeedback system for wellness and optimized living. She is a gifted coach and councillor.

Rev. Marianne is ordained as a priest in Spiritis Church in the USA, and was subsequently ordained as an Ontario minister in CIMM. As such, she is authorized to offer weddings and vow renewals, baptisms and naming ceremonies, funerals, Christ blessings, and full sacraments and services.  She is also a certified Christ Blessing teacher, studying under Bishop Glenda Green She hosts regular meetings, meditations, services and seminars.

Marianne holds professional memberships in The Canadian Reiki Association and The Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry.

Student Testimonial:

"Marianne is a wonderful teacher! I feel honoured to have completed my EMF Practitioner training for sessions I - IV under her gentle, yet powerful guidance. Throughout my internship, she was always available for all of my questions and concerns and her support is deeply appreciated. My work with Marianne helped me access and raise my spiritual awareness and guided me through a time of personal healing and transformation - it has truly had a profound effect on all areas of my life. I feel grateful to now be a practitioner and able to share these amazing sessions with others!"

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