Energy Extension, Inc.

  Marianne is a member of the EEI Worldwide Support Team.


EEI is an international training and consulting organization specializing in human potential as it relates to leveraging working with human consciousness and energy anatomy. Through its premiere programs, the EMF Balancing Technique®, and LatticeLogic™ , EEI has achieved worldwide recognition, certifying individuals through specialized instruction and practice to become competent practitioners and facilitators.


Our vision is to foster a reality in which each individual human recognizes their own unique connection to all things.


Our values represent a code of ethics, which we practice in our daily lives as well as in our business. We value:

  • Practicing mastery in everyday life.
  • Honesty and integrity in our work and in our daily interactions with each other.
  • Every person having the right to know and express his or her innate wisdom.
  • Every person having the right to feel empowered in their own situation exactly as it is.
  • Respectfully using humor to communicate openly and honesty.
  • Mutual feedback for developmental and positive purposes within a trusting environment.
  • We intend to:

  • Adhere to high standards of excellence in our teaching, practice, and business by honoring each individual and the self-empowering connection between them.
  • Devote ourselves to ongoing improvement; pioneering new standards in human energy, and providing the most up-to-date information available.
  • Support and encourage practitioners and facilitators in the development of their business opportunities.
  • Create opportunities for others to be self-empowered and self-responsible.
  • Work so that each client may experience a greater sense of stability and balance.

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